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Read about three generations of Papayiannises 

and their struggle for freedom. 

A "powerfully evocative" tale of Cyprus 

and Greece in the 20th century.

"The author's portrayal of Cyprus and Greece long before

 mass tourism is well-realized"

"Powerfully evocative"



(Indie Author's World) 

"This (Olympia's Dream) is a book of emotion that encompasses psychological states, relationships between characters and of Cyprus and the history it holds."

"...will certainly be of interest to those who also enjoy Victoria Hislop’s books"

(Louise Cannon of Book blog, Bookmarks and Stages)


Historical references in The Cypriot's Treasure have been taken from the following books.

El Greco by Xavier Bray

The Great Fire ;by Lou Ureneck

The Middle Sea by John Julius Norwich

Greece, The Hidden Centuries by David Brewer

That Greece Might Still Be Free by William St Clair

Paradise Lost by Giles Milton