Injustices nobody can forget, crimes nobody can forgive....


"Magic to make the sanest man go mad"

Quote from Homer's Iliad

The Cypriot's Treasure is the first novel recording the epic adventures of the maverick Papayiannis family. Head of the family is Artemios Papayiannis who is deported from his village home as a teenage boy and forced to begin a journey of self-discovery through war-torn Europe. His subsequent adventures form a gripping tale of love, betrayal and murder leading to the maturing of the boy into a man at peace with himself and the world.

The second volume in the series is titled Olympia's Dream, dealing with Artie's beautiful daughter who one day meets the American movie star Claudette Taylor and is instantly fired with dreams of fame. World War Two and Germany's occupation of Greece intervenes to scupper her ambitions of travelling to Hollywood and Olympia must adapt to the nightmare scenario which unfolds or face abject humiliation and abuse at the hands of her fiance, the handsome gangster, Vasili.

The third volume, Vasili's Revenge, is set in London in 1978/79. Vasili's broad and dubious business portfolio is thriving, but Yuri, Olympia's son, who inadvertently becomes Vasili's lackey, is soon embroiled in the darker side of the gangster's dealings and finds himself leading a priestly charge against an unholy alliance between government, illegal traffickers and Vasili himself. As Yuri has to decide if what he assumes is happening is real or just a figment of his imagination, a girl he has hitherto paid scant regard to suddenly becomes the centre of his life.